Thursday, 3 December 2009

G.H. Bass & Co. Burlington Saddle Shoe

Also collected during our vast travels, are these beautiful vintage style Saddle shoes produced by the G.H. Bass & Co. shoe company from Maine, USA.

Bass have brought back their famous original brick bottom Burlington saddle shoe featuring genuine two-tone leather upper, fashioned in an oxford silhouette whilst the padded footbed provides extra comfort and support.

Whilst Bass offer three colours, we felt this Brown/Dark Brown tone was the best and most wearable.

We have sizes UK 9 & 11 remaining (£99.99) and should they remain unsold we will add to our ebay store shortly. Should you wish to purchase a pair now, please email us at

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Grenson Perch Oxford Shoe

An interesting find whilst visiting one of our many European suppliers was the "Perch" style Oxford shoe from Grenson.

You probably know by now that Grenson is our favourite footwear company, and cannot be equalled (in our opinion) for quality and pricing, and to find a beautiful silhouette such as this which we have never seen before makes the old heart skip a beat!

As always they are MADE IN ENGLAND featuring an unusual wax finish nubuck leather upper, leather lining and Goodyear welted leather sole and heel.

We have only two pairs in stock (UK 9.5 & 10.5) and will be available soon through our ebay store. If you love Our Legacy or Opening Ceremony or seem to be spending your spare change in the likes of Odin or Tres Bien then these will certainly wet your beak (so to speak!).

(ebay store : false.hood)


Levis Vintage x Shepard Fairey for Obey collection

Although not usually our thing (we admire everything Shepard Fairey has done for the streetwear scene and his Obey collective have pushed boundaries and opened doors for other streetwear companies to show their thing) we recently received a very small collection of the super limited project Shepard did for Levis.

Only available in one store in the world (a store in NYC which we wont mention - you`ll just have to be quick and get searching for the last few pieces!), we have already sold most of the pieces we received to our private clients though still have a couple of pairs of the highly worked jeans which we will be adding to our ebay store very soon (£149.99). The jeans also come with a limited edition headscarve.

Keep watching our ebay store for further details.

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Monday, 16 November 2009

These things happen...........oh well!!

Well our heritage research history is now just that.....HISTORY!! Our name which we have used for many years on different projects has been hijacked by the guys at Trainerspotter (we believe!) for their new Heritage Research collection!! Are we broke, bitter and sad?? No, its just a name and the collection they have produced looks fantastic so good luck to em! They will probably say the name was theres but it aint a problem at all, they are the ones who got off their arses to do something about it so we will support them by buying their product. Good Luck lads!!

Also, many thanks to all the people who have contacted us from brands etc offering their support - we really do appreciate it just a massive shame that they were contacting the wrong people thinking we were the other guys!!!!! Anyway, the new name is falsehood, just came to me when shouting at a colleague and we like it (its also ours by law now so please think of your own god damn names!!). We are thinking of starting our own little collection now so hopefully well meet again!!.


Friday, 23 October 2009

Gitman Bros. Coming Soon!!

Arriving shortly, the classic shirting collection from Gitman Bros........

(ebay name : heritage-research)